Robot aspirateur espion avec camera HD intégrée

Le JISIWEI S+ est un robot aspirateur qui possède également une camera HD. Le S+ est donc différent des autres robots aspirateurs car il pourra nettoyer votre maison mais aussi la protéger.
Le S+ se connectera donc à votre réseau Wifi et vous proposera plusieurs modes:
-Robot aspirateur avec système anti-rayures de meube
-Rechargement automatqiue sur sa base
-Caméra intégrée pour montrer toute activité ou événement suspect dans une maison à son propriétaire qui peut ainsi la surveiller à distance
-Le S + est aussi une excellente camera IP pour enfants ou animaux de compagnie que vous pourrez voir partout à travers le monde.
JISIWEI S+ Smart Robotic Vacuum Cleaner TPU Avoidance Sensor Remote Mobile APP Control HD Camera Robot Mopping Tool

• WiFi and APP remote control
More convenient to control and use. Suitable for IOS 7.1 or above, Android 4.2 or above.

• 1080P HD Web camera
1080P high definition footage, the definition is 3 times higher than ordinary cameras.

3-Stage cleaning System agitates
Automatically Cleaning, vacuuming ,mopping.

• Self recharging
When the power is about to run out, the sweeper can back to recharge with IR induction.

• Intelligent drop avoidance induction 
IR sensors at the bottom detect the high gap, avoid the dropping, it will avoid the obstacles and change direction automatically by inductor.

• TPU anti-collision system
It will better protect the furniture.

• Smart video function
You can view your home, favorite places, and loved ones from anywhere, anytime on your smart phone.

• Smart voice reminder
With sound module design, when the APP connecting, recharging, cleaning, there will be a voice prompt.

• 120 degree wide view angle lens 
Meet your different needs.

• Large storage tank 
500ml dust storage tank.

• Timer function 
You can schedule your working plan.

• LCD display
With the bright back light screen, showing time, Wi-Fi signal, cleaning mode and so on. It shows the working status in dark night.

• High suction 
Strong power for efficient cleaning, easy to absorb dust, hair, paper, reduce the pollution of PM2.5.

• Multi cleaning modes
Automatic cleaning, edge cleaning, timing cleaning and regular daily cleaning modes.

• Suitable variety of environments
Easy to deal with all kinds of dust, hair, no dead ends. Suitable for floor, cement, ceramic tile, wooden floor, undercoat carpet, etc..

• Climbing capacity
It can climb 15 degrees slope height, never impede by slight slope in your home.

• Less than 45dB low noise mute
Easy to help you solve the noise problem, provide a quiet environment for you.

• 8.5cm slim design 
Enable this cleaner to work in the narrow space, it is possible to clean the bottom of furniture and corner.

• Remote control distance: About 7 meters.
• The charging time: About 4 hrs.
• Working time: About 2 – 3hrs.
• Using area: About 50 – 200 square meters.

Notice: Scan the QR code on the English user manual.

JISIWEI S+ Smart Robotic Vacuum Cleaner TPU Avoidance Sensor Remote Mobile APP Control HD Camera Robot Mopping Tool

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